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Best-in-Class Customer Service Creates Brand Loyalty for F100 Retailer


The Client & the Challenge:

A high-end retailer experienced challenges with third-party parcel delivery companies during the holiday season. With a record number of orders, the capacity of parcel integrators became a bottleneck. Many customers were negatively impacted by the long delays at the worst possible time.

The retailer set out to resolve the problem by working closely with the parcel companies and Trax to gain early visibility to delivery performance during peak holiday shipping activity.

The Trax Solution:

Trax utilized its spend visibility platform to gather a timely and unified view of shipping activity regardless of source and location. Trax was also able to capture event information from various carriers and provide package exception management visibility within 24 hours of pickup date and gain insight into end-to-end sales order cycle time.

For shipments delivered by USPS, the solution also provided additional capability by generating an invoice-like structure similar to that of UPS and FedEx.

The Results:

  • USPS Spend Visibility – the retailer has full spend visibility to
    both their primary carrier and a secondary carrier using a set of KPIs and reports. This data provides a baseline of information for comparative purposes to help determine best carrier fit.
  • Shipment Visibility Within 24 Hours – nightly updates ensure awareness of all outbound package activity for that day, providing immediate visibility to shipping, a better understanding of shipping volumes and where potential issues may occur.
  • Package Exception Management – providing information about packages that are late, not delivered (lost) or have some other exception allows a retailer to take action and possibly mitigate delivery issues. In this case, the retailer was able to better understand the origin and destination of undelivered packages
    and work with the carriers to improve service.
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