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Trax Transportation Spend Insights

10 Best Practices for Supply Chain Management

An efficient supply chain can be the difference between rapid growth or decline. Here are 10 best practices to consider for supply chain management.

What is Transportation Spend Management (TSM)?

Trax has redefined transportation spend management with a model that offers optimization and maturity to take you from reacting to issues to being a leader in the industry.

10 Critical KPIs for Carrier Scorecards

Choosing the right KPIs for carrier scorecards is crucial. These 10 important KPIs will help you to increase visibility, quality, and profit.

What is Carrier Management?

Carrier management is a step toward maturing your supply chain. Here’s why competitive companies need this critical evolution in order to optimize transportation spend management.

What Is a Carrier Scorecard?

Carrier scorecards help objectively analyze carriers’ performance through metrics, as well as help you to lower costs, improve quality of service, and more.

Is Outsourcing Freight Audit and Payment Right for You?

Outsourcing freight audit and payment streamlines operations, saves money, drives growth potential, and more.

Freight Audit

Freight audit and payment is a necessity. Here are the benefits, ways to improve processes, how to find FAP services, and more.

How to Choose the Right Freight Audit & Payment Services

Freight audit and payment services can increase efficiency and visibility to reduce costs. Here are the key features you should look for in a provider.

9 Benefits of Freight Audit

Freight audit offers many benefits, including better data and analytics, reduced expenses, and much more. Find out here.

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