Trax is the only company that fixes bad logistics data

We take garbage in and put safe information out

By fixing data, we take pain and risk out of settlement

And we make all systems requiring the data more efficient

Everybody wins

Logistics settlement is painful and risky

Common pain for shippers: Burden and cost...
Common pain for carriers: High cost to resolve disputes...
Common risk for shippers: Overpaying or underpaying for services...
Common risk for carriers: Undercharging for services rendered...

How bad data causes pain and risk

Inaccurate, incomplete, inconsistent information is a major source of most settlement pains and risks. Freight invoices offer a good example of this. One in 6 invoices lacks information shippers need to settle a transaction. One in 7 bills the wrong amount.

Incomplete, inaccurate, and inconsistent settlement information causes financial processes to fail more often than auditors know. Even key controls fail more often than auditors and industry executives imagine.

Streamline logistics settlement

Open platform

Exchange, augment, and correct inbound and outbound logistics data on diverse systems. Collaborate with trading partners in an open, transparent environment.

Benefit from the power of a cloud-based platform, whether you…

  • use Trax applications
  • choose other applications from third parties
  • or develop your own applications to run on the platform.

The Trax platform supports virtually any application that benefits from good logistics data. Tell me more

Risk Score

Understand and measure your settlement risks. Assess how material the risks may be. Develop a road map to control and mitigate them.Track the results of your efforts. Maintain regulatory compliance.
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Certified invoice

Stop wasteful invoice audits and disputes. Ensure the data you share and receive is complete, accurate, and meets mutual requirements.
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Logistics finance

Leverage good data to enable more choice. Get paid faster for logistics services you provide. Pay later for logistics services you buy.
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Visibility and predictive analytics

Make your logistics data more trustworthy. See your business at the level of detail you want. Follow the system’s guidance to go where you want.
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Logistics data management

Integrate, normalize, cleanse, and merge data from one or multiple sources.
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Allocate logistics cost and supply chain expense to a business unit, an activity, or a product.
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Audit and payment

Automate invoice auditing with unmatched accuracy and thoroughness. Improve efficiency through automated payment processing.

If you’re not yet ready for certified invoices, these strategic audit and payment applications can help you take a big step forward.
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Make every logistics system more effective

Bad data gums up many of the systems companies use to manage logistics. It reduces the effectiveness of software for einvoicing, procure-to-pay, B2B connectivity, enterprise resource planning, and transportation management, among others.

All these systems can work better with the clean and accurate logistics data Trax provides.

With Trax, everyone wins

With efficient and open settlement processes, parties cut unnecessary cost, improve efficiency, and gain better business insight. Shippers and logistics providers both reduce settlement risk and pain.


Perfecting logistics settlement.