About Trax Technologies

Trax helps companies improve their supply chain performance by cleaning up the data they use to measure it.

Supply chain data needs improvement because it’s often incomplete, inconsistent, inaccurate, and uncorrelated.

Bad data corrupts downstream audit, expense posting, and other supply chain processes. It also prevents companies from maintaining good balance between customer service and profit.

When supply chain management focuses too much on cutting cost, customer service is likely to suffer. Supply chain failures may cause lost revenue, lost gross profit—even lost customers. Profit sinks.

Refined data helps avoid these problems by bringing supply chain performance into sharper focus. With robust analytics, better data drives better supply chain decisions.

cpuTrax provides the world’s first data refinery for the information supply chain.

Data refinement enhances the quality of information companies extract from their information supply chains.

Refined data removes the industry’s biggest barrier to actionable supply chain visibility. With better visibility, companies can improve both the performance and resilience of their supply chains.

Automated Trax processes identify and fix bad data at the source

A cloud-based platform receives, standardizes, normalizes, and corrects logistics data. The data refinery then delivers clean data for reliable, trusted execution of downstream processes.

Who benefits

Buyers of logistics services can post expenses sooner. Audit and payment processes are more efficient and more accurate. Sellers receive their payments faster.

With clean data, you can see the performance of your supply chain networks. Trusted data helps you understand your true cost to serve individual customers. With these insights, you can balance your cost to serve and your service levels to maximize corporate profit.

High-quality data from Trax enables companies to achieve more effective, efficient supply chains. Your Supply Chain, Finance, Audit, Logistics, and Risk Management functions can all benefit.

Why Trax

For more than 20 years Trax has helped cleanse and manage the logistics data of many of the world’s biggest companies. Clean data from Trax helps them improve their supply chain performance and reduce their risk.

Let Trax map a strategy for your global information supply chain.