Customer Success Methodology


  • Trax strives to:
    • Understand your goals
    • Continuously increase value
    • Make sure you are getting what you bought
  • Trax makes it easy to:
    • Connect with us
    • Collaborate with us
    • Escalate with us
  • Trax grows with you by making:
    • Everything scalable
    • What matters to you matters to us
    • Success a priority and happiness secondary


  • Trust:
    • Data
    • Solutions
  • Expertise:
    • Domain
    • Technical
    • Relationship
  • Value:
    • Delivery
    • Realization
    • Validation

Key Characteristics

  • Proactive, holistic, and organization-level approach
  • Leveraging of technology and real-time visibility into customer activities
  • Ensuring customers continually and increasingly receive value from Trax’s solutions
  • Continuity for the entire customer lifetime
  • Measuring and tracking by known industry metrics
  • Enhancing customer success over time


Coordinated Effort Across Four Dimensions

Four dimensions