Financial Leaks Could Be Costing You 10% Margin. Or More.

Trax Technologies is the expert in finding and fixing the leaks that are impacting your logistics business.

Every day, despite all the controls and processes you think you’ve put in place, your company is leaking revenues thanks to unreliable data, untrustworthy reporting, chronic late payments, mismanaged agreement terms, billing errors and write-off’s. The leaks aren’t obvious, but if you’re like most leading logistics service providers, margin is leaking. Everywhere.

Read a case study that shows how one global LSP was able to see a path to a 74% increase in margin simply by finding and stopping revenue leaks in their operations.

Don’t believe revenue leaks are happening in your business? Take us up on our free half-day assessment challenge. Trax will meet with your team on-site and walk you through a structured exercise that will confirm where the leaks are occurring and provide a clear range of what those financial losses are costing you. Then, Trax can help you solve it.

Every day you wait is another day of wasted revenue. Do something about it. Today.

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