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Whether working with larger Fortune 500 companies or smaller sized businesses—global or local and regardless of industry—Trax has made a measurable difference.

Trax has partnered with hundreds of customers to deliver transportation spend management, and has helped them SEE their transportation spending more clearly, SAVE valuable time and significant money, and CONTROL their transportation better than ever.

Spanning retail, pharmaceutical, apparel, consumer packaged goods, telecom, banking aerospace, manufacturing, and distribution… here are a few of their success stories.

Trax Cost-Allocation Process Automation Helps Global Athletic Retailer Discover Savings

Trax conducted a complex cost allocation analysis across multiple product lines, divisions, groups and departments for a global athletic retailer; an effort that spawned significant labor-reducing automation opportunities; a dynamic, customized, rules-based, table-driven coding engine; and an automated coding process for millions of shipments now enjoying an exception rate of less than 2%!

Trax’s Sourcing and Contract Optimization Services Help a Global Pharmaceutical Company Unlock Savings

Combining deep transportation spend expertise with robust analytics, Trax Sourcing services delivered a comprehensive sourcing project, post bid analysis and negotiation assistance that enabled the client to meet their objectives.

Trax Provides Best-in-Class Customer Service to Maintain Brand Loyalty for North American Retailer

Trax helped to resolve a significant holiday season shipping bottleneck that existed with third-party parcel delivery companies for a major retailer client. By uniting shipping activity into a single platform regardless of shipping source or location, Trax helped the client realize 24-hour outbound shipment visibility with an enhanced ability to mitigate package delivery exceptions.

Trax Helps Global Consumer Goods Company Zero-in on Freight-cost Estimates

Trax streamlined an inefficient system of third-party logistics providers and freight forwarders into a unified purchase order feed for enhanced visibility into inbound freight costs. Our solution enabled the company to see estimated spend costs by the second day of the following month—a variance reduction from 40% to 2%! And that was only the beginning…

Trax Transportation Spend Management Solution Provides Enhanced Visibility for International Retailer

Trax helped a veteran international retailer client realize serious bottom-line transportation spend savings by developing a master data management strategy and putting it to work. Automated data capture, complex SKU-level matching, cost estimation, custom- business intelligence tools—all combined to yield significant transportation spend savings across the company’s entire workflow.

Trax Inbound Supplier Compliance Solution Helps Wireless Provider Connect to Savings

When a wireless provider sensed major inefficiencies in their new vendor compliance process, they called on Trax to take a closer look. We created a role-based portal that reduced manual processes, automated messages, designed new reporting functionality and integrated contract compliance—resulting in savings across the board in dock scheduling, warehouse detention and real-time information processing.

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