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Rate Management From Trax

Trax’s Rate Manager brings you and your carriers together in a web based solution that ensures rates are up to date and that they conform to your data requirements for audit, procurement and operations.

It’s a single source of truth for rates across all modes, and all carriers for all regions.

Rate Manager Screenshot

A centralized place to easily manage all carrier rates and charges.

Visibility and accuracy of rates is key to effective transportation spend management. Some solutions can manage rate data for domestic trucking and LTL, but don’t provide for ocean, air or parcel modes. Other point solution providers have developed support for ocean, air and parcel without trucking/LTL capabilities. Rate Manager is a centralized place to easily collaborate with carriers and manage all your contracted rates.

Key Features:

  • Shared visibility to all rates and advanced notification of expiring rates
  • Online visibility to rates and charges for all parties
  • Robust and collaborative approval workflow for rates with multiple approvers
  • Full history of all rate approvals – a complete audit trail of all changes
  • Advanced notification and alerts for expiring rates
  • Fully configurable templates to capture required data
  • All modes, lane types, services, and rates
  • APIs for integrating rates with in-house systems

Jump start your rate management – we’ll onboard your first 30 contracts for free!

Let us help you get up and running quickly with Rate Manager. We’ll onboard your first 30 contracts and enable you to take advantage of rate management across your organization and with your carriers – immediately.

Rate Manager Flyer Cover Sheet

Download Rate Manager Datasheet

A centralized place to easily manage all carrier rates and accessorials.

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