Automate invoice auditing and payment processing

Reduce settlement risks and hassles with the world’s most thorough and accurate invoice audits

Some shippers aren’t ready to accept or request certified invoices from their logistics providers. If you’re in this group, Trax audit and payment services can provide total confidence that your audit payment and processes meet all these criteria:

  • Your settlement process complies with corporate financial controls and policies.
  • Your company truly received the services requested in your order.
  • The charges you pay are valid and rated correctly.
  • You don’t pay for services that aren’t your company’s liability.
  • You don’t pay multiple times for the same services.

In addition, your use of Trax audit and payment solutions enables your company to participate in financial solutions, including discount programs for early payment.

You can choose one or more approaches that are right for you and your logistics partners:

  • Pre-invoice audit and payment. You reconcile data gaps and disputes before the logistics provider creates an invoice.
  • Self-invoice audit and payment (pre- or post-reconciled). You reconcile disputes before you’re invoiced. Then create your own invoice for the logistics provider to review and approve.
  • Pre-payment audit and payment. You audit invoices first. Then you reconcile data gaps or disputes before paying.
  • Post-payment audit. You find errors in invoices you’ve already paid.
  • Optimized audit and payment. You vary your audit and payment strategies for optimal results. For example, you can selectively settle disputes and resolve discrepancies before paying some logistics providers. For others who are in good standing, you can pay on time and resolve disputes through post-payment credits.

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