Stop invoice audits and disputes

Trax Certified™ invoices eliminate a big source of settlement pain and risk

Trax Certified™ invoices improve settlement for both shippers and logistics providers in four ways:

  • They establish a consensus on what constitutes a perfect invoice.
  • They make the rules of play clear to both shippers and logistics providers.
  • They ensure that all invoices meet requirements.
  • They eliminate all bad data from invoices.

Both parties gain more time, better information, less hassle, and a big boost in efficiency.

Trax Certified™ invoices meets pre-specified requirements, are safe to pay and easy to finance.

Buyers and sellers of logistics services benefit in the following ways:

  • They end the shipper’s need to audit invoices.
  • They eliminate settlement disputes.
  • Shippers get perfect invoices at no added cost.
  • Logistics providers get paid on time or earlier, without disputes.

Every Trax Certified Invoice™ comes with everything shippers need to enter in their ERP system—without human verification, validation, or review.

What you can do now

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