Allocate logistics costs accurately

Assign supply chain expense to a business unit, an activity, or a product line

With accurate information about logistics and supply chains costs, shippers can make better decisions to improve the profitability of operations.

Trax Costing enables shippers to do these things:

  • You can accurately allocate, accrue, or book logistics cost to the proper general ledger account, cost center, product line, or stock-keeping unit (SKU).
  • You can accurately identify the legal and reporting entities who are responsible for shipping transactions.
  • You can accurately identify the business purpose and transaction type for each expense.
  • You can generate quick product product-and-loss statements that provide an accurate assessment of your best- and worst-performing products.

Trax offers two solutions for cost allocation:

  • Auto Allocation. You can automatically allocate logistics costs to the division, project, customer, legal entity, business unit, or general ledger.
  • Product-Based Costing. You can allocate logistics costs to a product or product line. You can also generate quick profit-and-loss assessments for products or lines.

The Trax costing solutions support all five major cost-allocation and accrual methods:

  • Pre-invoice allocation.
  • Post-invoice allocation
  • Post-settlement allocation
  • Pre-Invoice accrual
  • Post-invoice accrual.

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