Normalize, cleanse, and merge data from diverse sources

Quickly and easily integrate the information you exchange with logistics trading partners

With Trax Data Solutions, shippers and logistics providers can automate and simplify the process of exchanging data with trading partners and other parties.

In fact, you can exchange:

  • An unlimited number of data fields
  • In virtually any kind of logistics document or record
  • Through virtually any transmission protocol.

Your single connection to the Trax network enables you to establish fast, cost-effective electronic communications with more than a thousand logistics providers who are already on the network.

You can choose the combination of solutions that’s best for you:

  • Data Quality. Identifies data-quality issues, their sources and root causes. Evaluate the quality of data that originates in both automated feeds and paper documents.
  • Data Integration. Augment or replace inefficient data-exchange solutions. Achieve rapid, scalable and flexible connectivity.

The Trax Data Quality service delivers these benefits:

  • It ensures high data reliability in transactional processing and business intelligence.
  • It enables efficient automation of settlement processes and reduces the need for human intervention.
  • It eliminates costs related to managing bad data.

The Trax Data Integration service offers these benefits:

  • You can achieve electronic connectivity to exchange supply chain data with your trading partners. Your connections are fast, secure, flexible, and cost effective.
  • You can efficiently convert information on paper into usable electronic data. The conversion process is fast, reliable, cost effective, and auditable.
  • You can use the Trax data network to establish direct connections for electronic data exchange.
  • You can monitor and measure the performance of your data exchange.

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