Financial solutions at lower cost

Logistics providers: Expect better terms at lower rates when lenders know their true risks

Shippers: Extend terms without renegotiating contracts


Among the many ways logistics providers can finance receivables, Trax offers a unique advantage.


Trax enables lenders to calibrate the risk of individual logistics transaction or groups of transactions. This enables our lending partners to offer what are usually the lowest rates at the best terms. And our partners can finance your operations profitably.

Benefits for logistics providers

The benefits are clear for logistics providers:

  • You get paid sooner, at lower rates.
  • You reduce DSO.
  • You get more money for the collateral you provide.
  • You improve cash flow.
  • You can sell receivables outright, without increasing debt load or reducing creditworthiness.

Benefits for shippers

As shippers seek additional opportunities to optimize their supply chain, many look for ways to improve their financial supply chain as well. But many logistics providers can’t afford to fund your business by lengthening your payment terms.

Trax enables shippers to extend terms without renegotiating contracts or in conjunction with an early settlement financing solution for the logistics provider.

The benefits are clear for shippers:

  • Opportunity to tap into early payment discounts even when you can’t process the invoice fast enough today
  • Improved cash flow and working capital by extending payment terms to logistics providers without renegotiating contracts

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