Collaborate with partners to relieve settlement pain

The Trax platform provides an open technical foundation for diverse logistics services and benefits

The Trax logistics platform provides the power for all the benefits Trax offers to these groups:

  • Shippers
  • Logistics providers
  • Developers of logistics applications
  • Users of logistics data, including lenders and other parties

You can collaborate efficiently. You selectively share data that Trax validates and polices.

You and other users can trust the data because Trax is an impartial third party.

The platform provides workflow, collaboration, business intelligence, reporting, and applications.

It purifies and normalizes all logistics data related to contracts, transactions, and reference materials in a cloud-based big data repository.

The platform serves these purposes:

  • It’s the technical and data foundation for all Trax applications and services.
  • It enables easy communication and collaboration among logistics trading partners.
  • It enables applications from Trax and other developers to exchange, integrate, merge, rate, and cleanse logistics data from diverse sources. It also identifies information that’s inaccurate, incomplete, or inconsistent across multiple sources. It even supplements missing data.
  • It provides impartial source of information all parties can trust. It’s trustworthy because the platform is accessible, transparent, and open to everyone who participates in logistics transactions.
  • It enables third parties to develop new applications to take advantage of the unique power of the platform.

What’s different

The Trax Open Logistics Settlement Platform is unique. The logistics industry has nothing else like it.

What you can do now

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