Measure and control your settlement risk

A new method that’s fast, easy, accurate, and free

The Trax Score™ (patent pending) provides a reliable way for shippers and logistics providers to evaluate settlement risk. It’s unique in the logistics industry.

The Trax Score™ provides these benefits:

  • It enables you to identify, measure, understand, and reduce settlement risks you may not know about.
  • It reduces regulatory exposure.
  • It identifies opportunities to reduce settlement risk. It suggests specific controls and processes.
  • It projects how much your company can benefit financially by reducing the risks.

Your Trax Score™ tells you these things:

  • How much of your inherent risk is unmanaged.
  • How much control risk you may face because of inadequate risk-management measures.
  • How well you manage risk compared to other companies like yours.

We’re so confident you’ll find value in your Trax Score™, we’ll provide your initial assessment for free.

The Trax Score™ is for both shippers and logistics providers.

For shippers, the Trax Score™ is likely to be of interest to auditors, the chief financial officer, and the chief executive officer. It’s also likely to be of interest to heads of supply chain or logistics whose operations may be exposed to settlement risk.

For logistics providers, the Trax Score™ is likely to be of interest to chief financial officers, senior sales executives, and accounts receivable organizations.

With the Trax Score™, you can:

  • See which of your settlement risks are under good control
  • Identify risks you think are under control but are not
  • Spot key controls that are failing
  • Find opportunities to reduce settlement risks, including specific controls and processes your company can establish
  • Predict the financial effects of individual risks.

You can generate a risk score for all of your operations or only for a limited part—say, within a business unit, a geography, or a product line. You can even generate a risk score for a transaction or a group of transactions.

The process and methodology are open and transparent. Shippers, logistics providers, and auditors can review them on request.

The methodology uses data Trax has collected from hundreds of millions of logistics transactions over 10 years. The data is from 200 countries, all major industries, and all modes of logistics.

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