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Transportation Spend and Freight Audit Downloads.

Let’s face it: for today’s shippers, compliance and payment services just aren’t enough. Shippers need (and expect) much more. Whether it’s real insight into their spend data for better decision making, robust monitoring and visibility to measure activity and carrier performance, or coverage of all modes across the globe, shippers are looking for capabilities that deliver better visibility, better savings and better control over their transportation spend.

We’ve developed these resources to demonstrate how Trax achieves all of the above.

Rate Manager Flyer Cover Sheet

Rate Manager Data Sheet

​Trax’s Rate Manager solution brings you and your carriers together in a single online system that ensures rates are up to date, and that they conform to your data requirements for audit, procurement, and operations.

Transportation Spend Management Illustration

Total TSM Illustrated

​SEE valuable opportunities within spending and data. SAVE time and money through optimized processes and compliance. CONTROL transportation costs and manage relationships like never before.

Transportation Spend Intelligence Insights Download

Transportation Spend Intelligence Insights

Trax’s TSI – Insights is a best in class solution for delivering deep visibility into your transportation costs. Insights allows you to measure your spending and visually understand activity across all the key variables or data attributes involved with transportation. Finally, you can gain a comprehensive view of your costs and begin building strategies to pursue savings opportunities.

Transportation Spend Intelligence Variance Analysis Download

Transportation Spend Intelligence Variance Analysis

Trax’s TSI – Variance Analysis solution provides analysis in minutes rather than days and with mouse clicks instead of pivot tables. It allows a shipper to compare all possible variable combinations influencing costs and enables quick identification of the root causes for any variance.

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