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Transportation Spend Intelligence From Trax

Controlling transportation spend requires visibility and rich analytics to generate KPI tracking, dashboards and reports that deliver difference-making transportation spend intelligence—unique insights that can make measurable improvements to your business AND your bottom line.

Transportation Spend Management Software Screen

Customized business intelligence to better manage and control your transportation spending.

Spend Analysis for Better Decision Making and Better Outcomes

Actionable intelligence is critical to optimize and improve control over a complex spend category like transportation. Understanding how key variables within your business can impact your transportation spending through a business intelligence capability comprised of KPI development and monitoring, configurable dashboards, variance information and robust reporting is necessary and provides opportunities to manage your transportation more effectively than ever before.

A Transportation Spend Intelligence Portal for All of Your Stakeholders

The combination of our Spend Allocation business rules and our Transportation Spend Intelligence capabilities lets you deliver role specific information across your team or company and provide better visibility of transportation spending and carrier performance.

Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Understand the Variables Affecting your Transportation Spend

Our Transportation Spend Intelligence solution enables you to track your transportation activity for all modes, all carriers or logistics service providers, all locations and across all the variables that can influence and impact performance — fuel surcharges, duties and taxes, volumes, utilization, dimensional weight, rates, distance and/or zones, accessorial charges and other critical spend variables.

Increase Control Using Dashboards with KPIs, Tolerances, Forecasts and Drill Down Capability

Build on your transportation spend management program with advanced analytics and realize increased benefits from your transportation data. Trax’s suite of business intelligence tools delivers configurable and intuitive dashboard capabilities featuring KPI and tolerance measurement with visual status indicators – providing a pro-active means to manage your program.

Gain Specifically Targeted Insights with Rich and Flexible Reporting

Trax’s suite of standard transportation spend and activity reports provide insight into global multi-modal spend at both a summary and detailed level. Each report can be filtered on key data fields such as freight direction (inbound/outbound), lane, location, or other custom attributes as required. Report on key transportation elements such as freight, fuel, accessorial charges, weight distribution, zone and distance distribution, as examples.

Uniquely Customize Your Specific Spend Insights Using Custom Reporting

In addition to standard reporting, ad-hoc reporting provides for the creation of custom reports to meet unique requirements and includes access to all customer defined data elements. Similar to standard reports, custom reports can be saved and run one time or on a recurring basis.

Contact us today to realize measurable savings, gain unprecedented visibility into your transportation spend, and to take control of your most complex and significant spend category, contact Trax today.

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