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Transportation Data Management From Trax

A churning ocean of mission-critical data lies at the heart of global, multi-modal freight audit and payment. To cost-effectively navigate these waters from traditional freight audit to transportation spend management, robust data governance and enrichment at the start of the process is critical. The result is clean and actionable data to better control your spending.

Transportation Spend Management Software Screen

Capture, cleanse, enrich and retain transportation data from both customers and carriers.

Electronic Data Integration (EDI), Electronic Flat File or Paper – we can Integrate with Carriers/Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s)

Regardless of the data source and format, Trax’s data integration hub ensures a seamless interface with various supply chain partners using formal EDI standards, custom electronic interfaces or even paper.

Seamlessly Integrate with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Transportation & Warehouse Management Systems & Other Platforms

To properly capture all of the necessary data to meet audit, compliance, and business intelligence (BI) requirements, Trax will integrate with the various execution platforms typically used in the supply chain.

Retain, View and Share Critical Invoice Information

Whether electronic or paper, Trax makes invoice documentation accessible and retrievable online via an intuitive customer portal.

Improve Audit Effectiveness & Enhance Spend Intelligence

Trax’s dynamic data dictionary enforces customer data standards regardless of the data source or format. This approach improves audit effectiveness, reduces exceptions and enables robust transportation spend intelligence.

Reduce Exceptions and Increase Compliance Dedicated Data Governance

Trax’s Data Governance approach ensures a thorough review of all source files and contracts to validate that a successful three-way match can be achieved with minimal exceptions.

Improve Data Quality through Collaborative Management of Carriers/Logistics Service Providers (LSP’s)

Trax will work with your carriers/LSP’s to provide proper content based on the mutually agreed upon data requirements for all modes of transportation. Immediate exception responses improve compliance and result in overall improved data quality.

Improve Audit Effectiveness by Enforcing Data Elements – Services, Events, and Charges

To ensure a proper match between invoice and contract, Trax’s data governance team will work with your carriers/LSPs to provide discrete service, charge, and event codes that match contract pricing rules. This process improves audit effectiveness and overall data quality.

Enhance Business Intelligence via Data Normalization

All services, charge codes, and events are mapped into common categories that enable downstream processes to remain carrier agnostic. Normalization of codes also enhances Business Intelligence by providing cross-carrier analysis and standard reporting.

Enrich Data Where Necessary with Distance, CO2, Channel & Other Extensions

Trax’s data management strategy provides data extensions to augment what is available in source files. Extensions include, but are not limited to, distance of shipment, CO2 associated with the mode of transport, distribution channel, and shipment direction (inbound/outbound).

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How to Choose the Right Freight Audit & Payment Services

Freight audit and payment services can increase efficiency and visibility to reduce costs. Here are the key features you should look for in a provider.

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