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Transportation Audit & Compliance From Trax

Reviewing contract and routing compliance as well as managing and validating claims across global, multi-modal transactions isn’t an either/or proposition and requires strong auditing experience to realize measurable savings.

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Multi-mode audit to ensure contract and routing compliance as well as manage claims.

Establish Global Pricing Rules To Audit All Transportation Modes

Using a combination of modal-specific rating rules, Trax’s team will review and convert carrier contracts into a set of pricing rules that enable a complete audit for base rates, fuel surcharges, and other accessorial charges.

Reduce Balance Dues & Rebills with Duplicate Invoice & Shipment Validation

Duplicate detection is an important audit step in the invoice process. Duplication of invoice numbers, shipment identifiers, and bills of lading (BOL) are all aspects of a comprehensive duplicate validation process. Unique invoice & shipment validation oversight can reduce balance dues and rebills.

Verify Legitimate Charge Rates and Claims with Charge Validation

Validating the rate of a charge is critical; but so is determining whether the charge itself should have been assessed. Using various validation methods and depending on the data available, Trax will verify residential surcharges, weekend charges, oversize/dim charges, and other accessorial charges passed in the carrier invoice.

Gain Insight by Validating Shipment Routing

Ensuring routing compliance, especially for inbound shipping activity from suppliers, is an important component of transportation spend management. Using flexible business rules, Trax can setup up routing rules that validate proper carriers and/or services are used for all freight under management.

Customize Shipper-Defined Reviewable Exceptions via Invoice Amount/Weight Tolerance

Trax’s business rule management system enforces various shipper-defined parameters that when executed, create reviewable exceptions that require approval for payment. This includes but is not limited to invoice amount not to exceed a set value by mode, weight limits by mode, and usage of premium services.

Create Approval Parameters to Define Shipment Ownership Validation & Exceptions

Shipment ownership validation is performed using a match process, account number validation, origin/destination pair validation, or a combination of all of these methods. Shipments failing to meet the approved validation method are rejected and resolution is handled by our claims resolution process.

Resolve Claims Efficiently with Pre & Post Payment Invoice Claims Process

While a robust, multi-modal audit is important, when claims are found, immediately working with your carriers and logistics service providers (LSPs) to resolve them quickly is critical. Trax uses both a pre and post payment approach based on specific carrier and/or regional requirements.

Formalize Carrier Claim Acknowledgements to Reduce Balance Dues & Re-bill Charges

Using a proven methodology, Trax will work with your carriers and LSPs to provide detailed information about potential claims and ask for confirmed acknowledgement and acceptance. This formal process ensures balance dues and re-billed charges are reduced.

Think Globally, Act Locally With Dispute Resolution by Regional Industry Experts

Trax’s industry and modal auditors ensure disputes are resolved in a timely manner. Hands-on audit oversight maximizes our success at dispute resolution and typically reduces errors over time. Our modal auditors are regionally located to deal with nuances within each mode and within each region of the world.

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How to Choose the Right Freight Audit & Payment Services

Freight audit and payment services can increase efficiency and visibility to reduce costs. Here are the key features you should look for in a provider.

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